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We’re pleased to announce the addition of Audit Shield, a new service that helps protect clients from unexpected tax audit bills.

No one likes to hear that the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is auditing their taxes. However, CRA is now using powerful data-matching capabilities, which means that even compliant and correctly prepared filings can be selected for scrutiny. As a result, the number of enquiries, investigations and audits have increased for Canadian taxpayers.

For that reason, we’re now offering the Audit Shield Fee Waiver Service, which guards against unexpected professional fees incurred in responding to these investigations.Audit Shield

What is an Audit Shield?

Audit Shield is essentially a program that will cover all of the professional fees associated with representing yourself or your business from a tax audit, enquiry or review. It covers both audits from the CRA and the provincial finance departments.

No hourly fees are required only an annual fee which, once paid, you are covered against future audits for the year in which you took part in the program.

How does it work?

If your return has been selected for an enquiry, audit, investigation or review, and you are covered by Audit Shield, it will cover all of our professional fees in our response to the CRA. Audit Shield also covers fees from lawyers or other professionals if they are needed. Coverage extends to all of our client's tax filings, which would include:

  • Personal Tax (post-assessment T1)
  • Corporate Tax
  • GST/HST and PST
  • Payroll
  • Worker's Compensation Employer Audit Programs

Please note that Audit Shield does not cover audits, enquiries, investigations or reviews for which you were notified before participating in the program.

Read about the program details.

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What does it cost?

Annual fees are based on who is being covered. For corporations, the cost is based on gross revenues. There are various terms and conditions which we can go over with you when we discuss your needs.

On top of all that, the annual fees are tax deductible for businesses.

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