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What is an LPA?

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Jerry Copuroglu, CPA,CGA,TEP

In Ontario, preparing personal or corporate tax returns and financial statements that is not in assurance nature, for example compilation, can be prepared by anyone. 

One thus not need to have an accounting destination to perform these services.

Most accounting and tax services can be performed by anyone who knows how to perform these types of services.

However, certain types of accounting works, for example assurances such as audits and reviews, can only be performed by an Licensed Public Accountant (LPA).

These accounting works are regulated by Public Accounting Act, 2004 that is governed by the Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario. To become an LPA, one has to meet at least the two major requirements based on the act, complete the required experience hours (articling hours with Approved Training Office) and meet the education requirements (pass the exam prepared by designated accounting associations etc.).

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